If Amy Poehler and Reese Witherspoon had an uptight, deadpan, hyperactive love child who became an actress and stand-up comedian.

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The Blacklist
Leandra Ryan booked the role of Med Tech on The Blacklist episode 702! Check it out on October 11 on NBC.

I Have No FRIENDS Podcast
Leandra Ryan has officially launched her new podcast! It's a comedic exploration of the sitcom Friends through the eyes of the modern millennial female. Check it out on your favorite podcast platform, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes! Enjoy!

BAC Talent
Leandra Ryan has signed with Brandon Cohen at BAC Talent for management! 908.907.1904 bc@bactalent.com | www.bactalent.com

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Leandra Ryan is a bicoastal actor, comedian, and dancer.