If Amy Poehler and Reese Witherspoon had an uptight, deadpan, hyperactive love child who became an actress and stand-up comedian.

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Cosmos and the City: The Sex and the City Podcast
Leandra Ryan was a guest on two episodes of the comedy podcast Cosmos and the City! Listen to Leandra's hot take on Sex and the City here.

Leandra Ryan just wrapped production on Words, a comedic film. In a world where our country is divided between people who want to ban curse words and people who don't, Leandra plays Marie, an uptight conservative who is a proud member of "The Movement".

Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Leandra Ryan attended the Polish Film Festival Los Angeles with the film Connected. The film depicts a futuristic world where humans haven't spoken to each other in years. Instead they interact via computerized implants. Leandra plays a wife and mother who struggles with her son who wants to connect on a more human level.

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Leandra Ryan is a SAG-AFTRA actor, dancer, and model based in Los Angeles.