Confident. Candid. Cutthroat.

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The Blacklist

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In this episode of The Blacklist on NBC, Leandra plays a doctor in a high-stakes surgery scene.

Bitch Please

Watch Episode 2.6
The Ticket: In this episode, Leandra plays Brittany, a bachelorette who's having some serious doubts about her upcoming wedding.

Watch Episode 2.5
Ronda Rousey's First Fight Back: In this episode, Leandra plays Flynt Beastwood, a no-nonsense coach who's determined to lead Ronda Rousey to one last victory.

Watch Episode 2.4
BFF's: In this episode, Leandra plays Heather, a woman who lets a secret slip during girls night and unleashes her best friend's rage.

Watch Episode 2.3
99 Problems (But A Bra Ain't One): Leandra stars in this music video parody of Jay-Z's iconic video 99 Problems. Except this one's about boobs, naturally.

Watch Episode 2.2
The Oscars Best Picture 2016: In this spoof of the Oscars ceremony, Leandra plays Jennifer Anistgarence, a famous actress who plays challenging roles in all of the best critically acclaimed films.

Watch Episode 2.1
Marooned: In this episode, Leandra plays Madam Miriam, a naive mermaid who is delighted to meet two filthy pirates who are marooned on an island.

Watch Episode 1.11
A Very Stepford Christmas: In this episode, Leandra plays Mona, a seemingly perfect Stepford wife with a deadly competitive streak.

Watch Episode 1.10
Halloween House: In this episode, Leandra plays Little Girl Ghost, the ghost of a 10-year-old girl who is now possessed by the devil and unaware of just how evil she actually is.

Watch Episode 1.9
Crazy Ex-Jewel: In this episode, Leandra plays Emma, an oversharing single woman whose first date with Matt is rudely interrupted by his famous ex-girlfriend.

Watch Episode 1.8
Debauchery: In this episode, Leandra plays Quinn, a harmless dork who's so desperate to be cool that she convinces her friends to become a Segway gang.

Watch Episode 1.7
Curious Dealings with Madam Hoover: In this episode, Leandra plays a party girl trying to score drugs for her friend's birthday. Instead, they wind up in a "sticky" situation.

Watch Episode 1.6
Revenge of the Commodes: In this episode, Leandra plays a lesbian army wife and mother who becomes a victim of an unexpected revolution.

Watch Episode 1.5
To Catch a Pervert: A Parody: In this parody of To Catch a Predator on Dateline, Leandra plays the "decoy" for an online sex predator. However, she may be a little too excited to meet him.

Watch Episode 1.4
You've Been Phrank'd: In this episode, Leandra plays a Beverly Hills mother whose newborn baby is snatched by a ridiculous internet prankster.

Watch Episode 1.3
Identity Crisis: In this episode, Leandra plays a smart, responsible high school student who confronts her mother about her Miley Cyrus type behavior.

Watch Episode 1.2
Wyatt & Wylatt: In this episode, Leandra plays a miserable divorcee who is taken on a wild ride by a seemingly evil secretary and her wacky coworkers.

Watch Episode 1.1
ALS Ice Bucket Losers: In this episode, Leandra plays an uptight soccer mom who's prone to violent outbursts. She also happens to run a support group for people who were never nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


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In this horror feature film, Leandra plays Riley, an ex-sorority sister of the bride who has foreshadowing words of wisdom to share with the couple on their wedding day.

The Lonely Heart

Watch the trailer
In this intense dramatic short film, Leandra plays Vicki, a woman who falls in love with a con artist only to be dangerously heartbroken when he betrays her trust.

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Did You See?

Watch the Sketch Did You See?
Leandra Ryan wrapped production on Did You See?, a comedy sketch for Funny or Die. Leandra plays a girl who is so obsessed with viral videos and Buzzfeed posts that she is oblivious to what is actually going on in the world.


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